April 2, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach R. Jones

Opening statement
"We're not playing very good baseball. That's for sure. When you get excited about hitting the ball out of the infield, you know you're not swinging the bats very well. (Today was) another day where our offense has just been (weak)."

On the bottom of the order
"We didn't swing the bat well through the lineup. We had some hits, but we weren't bunching them and putting (hits) together. I don't know how many ground ball outs we made in the infield, but we had some very weak at-bats, again. It's become a pattern here. Andrew did a good job out of the bullpen for us keeping the score where it was, but offensively we've been struggling for four games now, and we've scored three runs."

On whether the lack of hitting is due to strong opposing pitching
"Since I've been at Tulane, offensively, I've never seen us be this anemic. No matter what we do or say or how much film or how much we try to have a good batting practice approach and take each guy individually, it hasn't translated into a more potent offense. I am trying to find somebody in there that can help us, and we keep positive that (the offense) will eventually be there, but we're certainly losing ground in a hurry."

Junior Pitcher R. Broach

On how he felt
"I felt okay. I had my curveball today and I was able to throw it for strikes. When I needed to I was able to battle through some innings. It was definitely an improvement from last week. I'm not quite where I want to be, but I think it was an improvement from last week."

On the calls going the other way
"Yeah, there were some bad breaks, but we can't control that. We can only control what we can control. Sometimes you're going to get good calls, and sometimes you're not. You can't control that and you can't let that affect how you play. You can only go out and play the game. Those are going to happen."

On the level of frustration with the team
"It's frustrating for everybody. We just need to find a way to relax. I think everybody's pressing too much. We need to find a way to relax and play baseball the way we know how to play. We're a great team. We know it and we've seen it. We just need to find a way to relax and stop pressing so much and just get back to playing how we play."

Junior Catcher J. Schaffer

On the calls going the other way
"It was just one of those days where it seemed like we weren't getting the breaks and unfortunately we weren't able to overcome that. But we can't look back at a game and pinpoint one call and say that cost us the game. There were plenty of other things we could have done as a team. Offense, pitching, base running, everything. We just weren't able to do that today. Yeah we did get bad breaks, but that's baseball and winning teams find a way to overcome that, and I think we are a winning team. Just today we weren't able to do that."

On the team getting ten hits
"We put some good swings on the ball and had a couple dribblers there that ended up being hits, but we just weren't able to get that big hit with runners in scoring position. We had a couple good at-bats and got some hits up there, but we didn't seem to put it all together in RBI situations."

On not being able to put together a big inning
"With the way our team has been offensively, if we get ten hits, we're going to need five or six of them in one inning to put a crooked number up there. We just couldn't do that today, and whenever we had runners on, they seemed to make good pitches and get out of it."

On winning tomorrow
"We may have lost the series, against Houston, but this is conference. At the end of the season, you're going to have a conference record, and it doesn't put in parentheses who you won and who you lost a series to. It doesn't matter if you get swept twice or if you lost six games all year. It's still six losses at the end of the year. So we need to find a way to come out and get a conference win tomorrow. Just because we have been playing some bad baseball lately, it doesn't mean we're in the dumps and we can't have a good season at the end of the year. We have some good opportunities coming up. Get a (win) tomorrow, have LSU Tuesday, and then we have a couple big conference series coming up after that. So we're just going to need to find a way to start playing better baseball soon."