Quotes Following Baseball's 4-1 Friday Win Over Loyola Marymount



March 9, 2007

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Thoughts on the game
"Sean Morgan gave one of the greatest performances that I've seen. When you strike out 13, walk none and throw 100 pitches in a complete game against an outstanding West Coast club, you have to have great stuff and great command. He had both from the first pitch to the last pitch. That was exciting to watch.

"We played well defensively. Scelfo made a great play in the outfield and that was a big lift for us. Timmy's home run was big to get us even. McFadden turned on that ball to make it 3-1, and Emaus was able to stretch the lead with a big at-bat. So we had timely hitting, we had solid defense, and we had one of the most dominant pitching performances I've seen in a long time."

On LMU's leadoff double in the fifth
"That was early in the ballgame. He hit it down the line. Had it been an inning or two later in the game, maybe we would have been covering the line. It was just one of those things, and with the way Sean was pitching, I didn't think he would give up many. You have to score to win anyway. If one beats you, you didn't do your job."

On the importance of Morgan throwing a complete game
"It really helped our bullpen. It was great not having to use our pen after having two games in the middle of the week. That was another plus for this is that we got a chance to rest another day."


On his performance against LMU
"I was tired in the beginning, so I thought it was going to be a long day. The defense backed me up. Anthony made that unbelievable play and Cat got some balls up the middle. After that, I just settled down and kind of got in a groove and was pumping strikes."

On the Sean Dovel's fifth-inning double, which led to the game's first run
"It got my adrenalin pumping a lot. When he hit the double, I had to refocus a little bit. I was cruising and kind of got comfortable. You can never get comfortable on the mound. You always have to stay focused for every pitch."



On the overall performance by the team
"Not bad at all. The hitters really stepped up today and backed me up. And as usual the defense was flawless. That's all I could ask for."


On his two-run, sixth-inning homer
"Early in the game, he threw me fastballs and kept me honest with some sliders. After Timmy jumped on that first-pitch fastball, he started mixing it up a little more. He came back with a slider on that second pitch and I just jumped on it."

On LMU starting pitcher Brad Meyers
"He pitched a great game. Meyers had an amazing game, and we just had some timely hits. After we saw him a few innings, we knew what he was throwing up there. We started picking up his patterns and we were able to get to him late in the game."


On his leadoff homer in the fourth to tie the game
"It was fastball up and in. (After the homer, Meyers) stopped throwing them up and in. He started throwing them outside and mixed in a little more off-speed."

On Sean Morgan's performance
"It was a real gutsy performance. It was nine-innings strong, and he was still throwing the ball hard in the ninth inning. He just battled all day and was really good."


On the performance of Tulane starter Sean Morgan
"The other guy did what he had to do. I think he had (13) strikeouts, and that's too many on any given day. He pitched really well, well enough to win in holding us to one run."

On his starter, Brad Meyers
"He pitched well, but obviously not well enough to win. On Friday night, you've got to go toe-to-toe with their best guy. Their best guy only gave up one run, and that's what you have to do."

On the Lions' offensive production
"We got dominated. I don't know if it was our offense or more of his pitching. He struck out (13) guys and made pitches when he had to."