Feb. 28, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach R. Jones

Opening statement
"We swung the bats really well tonight, and they just kept changing their look with all the different pitchers they ran out there. That could've been an issue, but I thought that this was our most complete game. We pitched well, played errorless baseball and had a couple really nice plays. Bowen Woodson's play was really big at the time. We got fourteen hits, but I thought we even hit some more balls on the button. Southeastern Louisiana has got an outstanding club and they're really well coached so we had to play really well tonight and we did."

On keeping the offense going
"You know, any time you can stretch a lead like that it is big. That's the thing I told our club that I liked about tonight was that we got a lead, but we kept really pushing to get more runs and more runs and you can feel the energy in our dugout. Even we when we were up 8-1, it was `hey, let's keep going, let's keep going' and that's more of a sign, and certainly this early in the season anything can happen, but I think that's more of a sign of a club that's experienced and mature as ours, has been through it now for a couple years and understands that you have to keep trying to score if you can. Within reason of where the ball game is, but you still have to have quality bats, you still have to work the count, you still have to work as hard as you can to score and stretch the lead, especially against a good club."

On taking the lead behind good hitting
"(Boudreaux and Middleton) have been swinging hot bats. Since Garrett changed (his swing) in off-season, changed a little bit with his stride, and it's changed him as a hitter in a positive way. I felt like he needed to get more of a load and then he can drive the ball, which he was not doing last year with the kind of stride he had, so we changed that in the fall. He was very receptive to it and it's starting to really pay dividends."

On Byo's pitching
"After walking the leadoff hitter, which was the only run to score, he settled down and the key for him was that he got the ball down the zone, he got his change-up going, and occasionally a good breaking ball, but he stayed ahead in the count and got some quick outs."