Quotes Following Baseball's 7-4 Win Over Lipscomb



Feb. 26, 2010

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On the performance of Tulane starter Conrad Flynn
"Conrad threw 100 pitches and that's why we got him out. It's February, he's our Friday night guy and there's a big weekend coming up next weekend. It looked like a great decision there in the ninth after we stretched the lead. I thought he really pounded the zone, mixed his pitches and kept them off stride."

On the play of his defense
"We made three errors, but we made some very pop-up catches. It was really tough tonight to see the ball with the wind and rain, especially late. I thought Brennan Middleton had a great night all the way around, but he made a great play on that smoked ground ball early that got us out of the inning. He and Garrett did a good job of slowing the game down and turning the double play in the ninth. When Brennan got the relay, he had some time, knew his runner and got his feet underneath him. They still had the tying run at the plate in the ninth so that was a big play in the inning."

On the home runs late in the game
"You just try to stretch the lead there. Obviously, it turned out to be big. Had the game been closer, would Conrad have gone back out in the ninth? That would have been something we would have talked about. You don't' want to go past where we went with him if you can help it this early in the season when you know you're going to count on him for so many innings during the course of it."

On Tulane stranding 10 runners on base
"I give a lot of credit to Smith. That guy pitched well. He's got good stuff and he's the Friday-night guy. You know when you get here, you're going to see a guy like that. He really lived up to his billing. He had a good fastball, good command of his breaker, he was very competitive and had a good release time. It was hard to run on him, and it was a hard night to hit. I know we hit some home runs, but when you're standing at the plate and it's raining on you like that, it's not as easy as when the conditions are perfect."



On the 4 and 6-hole hitters going a combined 0-for-9 with seven strikeouts
"We've got to have more production. Without Shaffer in the lineup, we have to have more production there. I'm not disappointed in the effort, but we're going to have more production there. We're still a work in progress trying to figure out how to stop-gap that. Tomorrow can be another day. We had some RBI situations there where we didn't have the kind of at-bat we would have liked to have and put the ball in play."

On the team playing through the bad weather
"There's no way you play this game on a natural surface. At the same time tonight, from the seventh inning on, it was difficult. It was certainly one of the nastier nights to finish a ballgame in. Everyone is soaked. I'm just glad we were able to get through it."


On his performance tonight against Lipscomb
"I had a rough week last week so I just wanted to come out, force contact and be aggressive. The wind was blowing out so I wanted to keep the ball down and go right at hitters. The defense played well behind us and the bats really carried the night."

On Tulane committing three errors
"When something like that happens, you can't really worry about it. It's like we say, you always have to pick up your teammates. If the pitching is not doing well, the hitters pick us up. It's a team effort and you just have to work through it."

On the weather during the game
"It wasn't the best. It was soggy and wet. You just have to work with what you've got."


On his home run in the eighth
"I didn't see where it landed, but I got it pretty good. The insurance runs were big. Middleton's home run and my home run added four extra runs and that was the key. That was the ballgame tonight."

On playing through the weather
"It was coming down pretty steady since about the second. Conrad did a great job with all the weather. Our defense didn't really support him behind him, especially me, but he picked us up all night long. And then Z at the end got that big double play. The pitchers really saved the game for us tonight."