Tulane Quotes Following Baseball's 14-6 Win Over Boston College



Feb. 21, 2010

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Overall thoughts on the game
"We had some really good at bats today, some really good two-strike at-bats, and it started in the first. Brandon and Blake get us going, Seggy gets hit by the pitch and what's a clean-up hitter supposed to do? He got a hanging breaking ball and he put a good swing on it. I also thought we did a good job of tacking on and we had a lot of good two-out RBI. Those are the kind of things that we can build on."

On if he felt his team was able take some pressure off itself after scoring seven runs in the first
"When you lose the first two and get beat pretty badly, I really don't know enough about this club yet to gauge that. I do know that we played with a lot confidence today defensively. After the first and second inning, we turned a double play and made the plays defensively. Seggy had a good day all around and I thought Robby made some big pitches when he had to, which is good. While the game was still in question, Preston Claiborne gave us two real solid innings and we were able to stretch the lead. It was just one of those days where we played well defensively, we pitched well.

On the Green Wave tallying 19 hits
"When you have 19 hits against a club as good as Boston College, obviously we had a real good approach at the plate. Jamie Bruno gave us a lift today. Blake Crohan had a great day. Seeing Brennan Middleton, Garrett, Crohan, Boudreaux and all of those freshman players coming in against a club that is as experienced and talented as these guys are and have the kind of day offensively after having two tough games is maybe something we can reflect back on in a positive way."



On the performance of starting pitcher Robby Broach
"Just having Robby Broach out there is a big plus for us, there's no question about it. It was big for him to get us through the fifth inning and make some big pitches when he had to. They were one swing away from being right back in the ballgame. The thing for Robby today was he didn't have real good command of his off-speed pitches early. He worked really hard to get that off-speed going, and when he did you could see the difference in his effectiveness. I think that is an example of the maturity level that he has. There would have been times where maybe a less experienced player would have given in and shook to a fastball in hitters' counts. Robby didn't do that. He kept working until he got a feel for his change and his breaking ball. That's what changed the momentum for him."


On his first-inning grand slam
"It was really good to give us that first lead of the series. I talked to the team before the game and told them that we were kind of playing like once we got down, we were trying to come back against the Yankees. I mean we're a good team. I think we played a lot better today."

On what it meant to get that big first-inning lead
"We put up that seven spot and they didn't quit either. We knew they scored eight and 12 so we weren't going to quit today. It was nice see us put up runs in the fourth, fifth and sixth."

On him playing first base for the first time in his collegiate career
"Whatever is best for the lineup. I can go behind the plate or play first base and then I can come back and catch in the end. Whatever coach feels is the best nine, that's what I'm fine with."

On the difference between Saturday and Sunday's games
"I feel like once we got down (on Saturday) I feel like everyone either tried to be too aggressive and tie the game when we were down by six or got too passive and didn't want to make a mistake. We had a team meeting today telling everyone to just play with what got you here. You are all good players. Even if we get down to today, don't shy away from it. Just do what you do."


On what the team takes away from this game
"I think the most important thing is a lot of us got our first wins under our belts. We have a lot of freshmen out here. It's not been an excuse. It's not going to be an excuse the entire year."

On Tulane's 19-hit performance
"We knew that we could hit the ball. We've got a lot of guys with a lot of talent on the team. We knew if we settled down, we could hit the ball and score a bunch of runs."

On what went on between yesterday's loss and today's win
"Jeremy and a bunch of the other guys really just sat us down and said, `Hey, last night, it was unacceptable, and we've got to move forward from it. [You] can't dwell on it. Come out today with a purpose to win.' And that was our purpose today."

On playing alongside so many other true freshmen
"A lot of us, we played on some top-level programs, but at the same time, college is a totally different ballgame and have somebody within relative age of you to have them say something like that to you, just have them say, `Hey, just calm down, relax. You guys know how to play.' And to have them show that they can believe in us means a lot."