Feb. 20, 2011

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Head Coach R. Jones

On the offense this weekend
"I would be less than honest if I told you that I am not concerned with how anemic we have been offensively all weekend. But I was equally excited about how well we pitched and how well we played defense. Frank didn't miss his pitch. He got a fastball up 0-0 and put a good swing on it. Certainly we have to be better offensively. When you have guys who put the numbers up, you can't panic with those guys. We didn't put too many good swings on (the ball) this weekend at all."

On pinch-hitting with Florio
"It wasn't automatic. Gunner had the game winner yesterday. (Their pitcher) was a low three-quarter guy that runs the ball up and in on right-handers so I was just looking for a match but that's hindsight. Coach Gautreau was strong on it too. We felt like Frank was a better matchup. When they went with a low three-quarter guy I was sold on it because even though Gunner had swung the bat well yesterday, Frank had a good preseason and it worked out."

On Randy LeBlanc's first start
"I think Randy pitched well. He made pitches when he had to. Obviously, he got the fastball up a few times. I thought for his first performance in college baseball, it certainly was a positive one. He needs to command his breaking ball and I think that will be the key for him getting deeper into games. All in all I thought that was a very positive outing. He had good command of his breaking ball in the fall, but just didn't have the feel for it today, but for his first time out there on the mound on a Sunday afternoon in the rubber game, you can understand that."

On whether he is more concerned about the hitting or more pleased with the pitching
"That's a tough question. We won because we did pitch well and we got a timely hit today and we played well defensively. But we certainly have to swing the bat better, there's no question. Again, having Pepitone at the back end of that bullpen the last two days was pretty special."

On bringing in Pepitone after his outing yesterday
"I talked to him this morning early and he said "I got an inning in me, I feel good." Again in batting practice we talked and he was fine. I can't tell you that it wasn't a big play that Quinn Pippin didn't make either. He's in there for a defensive replacement and that is a heck of a tough play. To come and get that ball and make the throw on the run there, that's a big out for us."

Junior Outfielder F. Florio

On his excitement after the homerun
"I was just really excited and happy that I was able to come off the bench and help our team win. I was ready since the 6th inning, I was like, 'I hope coach puts me in'. I was getting ready and when I got up there I was just looking for a good one. He threw it over and thank god I was able to hit it. I hit it decently and it got out to center. It was a big win for our team."

On the difficulty of pinch hitting
"I just wanted to come off the bench and help our team. We have a very good hitting team. We haven't played up to our potential, not even close to it, hitting wise. But hopefully we got a couple sparks the last two days between Gunner and, luckily, myself and maybe that will get us on track. But, pinch hitting is always hard. You just have to be ready, any chance you get to help the team."

On the ball barely going over the fence
"I hit it pretty well and I just started running. I knew I better run hard or Coach would be all over me if I wasn't run hard to second base. I was just running and I hear everybody yell and I look up and it was gone. I was just really happy that we got the win."

On the new bats
"We have a bunch of good hitters on our team. I don't think that the bats will affect us. We all hit the ball really well (this weekend). When you have good hitters they are still going to hit the ball well. One through nine and everybody off the bench, they are all very good hitters. I don't think the bats will affect us in the long run."

On getting the series win
"It's huge. You always want to win each series. That's how you go into every weekend. Win the series, win the series, and that's all we talked about coming into this game."

Freshman Pitcher R. Leblanc

On his first college performance and the nerves
"It was fun I guess. I could have thrown a lot better I thought. I was a little bit (nervous), but not as much as I thought I would be."

On his breaking ball
"Yeah, I struggled a lot with my breaking ball today. I never really did find it. I hit two batters with it and I threw two or three that were okay, but I didn't have it biting. It just wasn't breaking."

On his fastball
"I had some pretty good command with my fastball the first couple of innings.. I think the fourth inning, 3-0 on the first two batters, it wasn't there but early on it really helped me get ahead in the count and pitch to contact."

On his high pitch count
"I just have to do a better job of starting ahead (in the count) and staying ahead by throwing more strikes with my fastball. They really didn't hit it that much, pounded in the ground most of the day. I know I am a whole lot better than how I threw today. That's the biggest thing. Ninety-six pitches in five innings, that doesn't cut it for me. I have to go deeper than five (innings)."