Getting To Know Nick Boullosa

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM Nick Boullosa enters his senior season at Tulane in 2011
Nick Boullosa enters his senior season at Tulane in 2011

Oct. 25, 2010

I chose Tulane because... it was the right fit for me. My grandfather also played baseball here at Tulane. To play the same position at the same school as my grandfather is something I feel is very special.

The best part about playing baseball at Tulane is... is that it is close enough for my family and friends to come and see me play. Also, the bonds and connections I have made with my teammates will last a lifetime.

My goals for this season are... to get back into the postseason. Ending my senior year in the brand new Rosenblatt Stadium would be a great way to cap off my career at Tulane.

Do you have any pregame rituals/superstitions? There are way too many to list but I'll name few. Pregame stretch routine right after pregame infield, Put my jersey on the same way every game, same seat for pregame meals, etc.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of baseball? Hang out with the guys, visit with my family. Whatever it is that I do I just make sure that I utilize that time and enjoy my time off.

What is your favorite food? Favorite Game Day Meal? My favorite food would have to be pizza. I could eat pizza every single day probably. My favorite pregame meal is the crawfish pasta. I'm a big pasta fan so I make sure to load up the plate more than once when crawfish pasta days come around.

If you could play for any MLB team, who would it be? I think I'd have to say the Tampa Bay Rays. They play the game hard and are very scrappy. A bunch of tough guys that have plenty of swagger.

Who was your idol growing up? My little league football coach Trey Champayne. He was my mentor at an early age that taught me many values that are still very important to me. He was just someone that I wanted to model myself after, and I was fortunate to have an idol like him.

What was your greatest memory from last season? My greatest memory from last year is making a Number One play on ESPN's "Top Plays". That catch was definitely one of the highlights of my career and I am very blessed to have had that experience.

If you were not playing baseball, what would you be doing? If I wasn't playing baseball, I would be playing football at either the Naval or Air Force Academy.

What music do you like to listen to before a game? I like to listen to a good mix of rap, rock, and some country before games. The playlist for baseball is much different than a playlist for football. You want to get pumped up but at the same time not be bouncing off the walls before a baseball game.

What is your hidden talent? I have a photographic memory that lets me remember where specific things exactly where they were on a page. It is very helpful when taking tests and quizzes!

What is your favorite type of animal? I'm a huge fan of dogs. "Dogs are a man's best friend" is the truest statement every made. They are always happy to see you no matter what and they are the most loving animals.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To meet his mate.

What is your favorite thing about New Orleans? There is always something to do. I don't think you can be bored here, even if you tried. The uniqueness about New Orleans is also something that is fun to experience.

If you were going to be stranded on an island and could have 3 things with you, what 3 items would you take with you? A tackle box (with a sharp knife included), a fishing poll and a truck load of matches.

What's something no one knows about you? I guess one thing no one knows about me is that I am three and a half minutes older than my twin brother. My mom is also a twin, which is kind of unique.

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate.

What is the best road stadium/atmosphere that you have been in? Florida State. First of all, it was in the NCAA Regional, so the atmosphere that comes with that is on its own level. Their fans were awesome as well. We played the Florida Gators in the opening game, and all the Florida State fans were pulling for us so I thought that was pretty cool.

One word that describes you as a person... Determined.