Calling All Former Tulane Student-Athletes!

Tulane Athletics is making a renewed effort to reconnect with our former student-athletes from all programs, all eras and all over the country. As part of this effort, we would like to obtain current information on as many former student-athletes as possible. The information below (excluding phone numbers and e-mail addresses) may be used in fundraising brochures, in our monthly publication "WaveLengths" and on our official athletics website. Please fill out as completely as possible. If you know of any other former Tulane student-athletes who we can contact, please let us know, either on this form or via e-mail, or direct them to our website. Thanks for your participation and Roll Wave!

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This information may be used by Tulane Athletics in its publications and website.
Please contact me before using the information above for promotional purposes.
I am providing the information for database purposes only.

For more information, or to reach us:
Roger Dunaway or Mike Harrington
Tulane Athletics
James W. Wilson Center
Ben Weiner Drive
New Orleans, LA 70118
roger@tulane.edu or mharrin@tulane.edu