The mission of the Tulane University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to support the university's purpose of enriching the capacity to think, learn, act, and lead with integrity and wisdom. This is ensured by providing our student-athletes and staff with opportunities for competitive success and personal growth within the context of sportsmanship, teamwork, and integrity.

Toward this mission, we commit to the following principles:

  • To recognize participation in athletics as an integral part of the educational process.
  • To provide student-athletes and staff with the best possible facilities, services, and equipment.
  • To promote the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of all student-athletes.
  • To create an environment fostering the concepts of teamwork, scholarship, sportsmanship, leadership, loyalty, and integrity.
  • To operate in a fiscally responsible manner, providing opportunities within the limitations of resources.
  • To commit to diversity and the equitable and non-discriminatory treatment of all student-athletes and staff.


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