How to Contact a Coach/Fill Out A Recruiting Questionnaire

To contact a Tulane coach is send mail to their attention at this address:

    (coach's name)
    Department of Athletics
    Tulane University
    Wilson Athletic Center
    Ben Weiner Drive
    New Orleans, LA 70118

All the head coaches of Tulane varsity sports are listed below. If you do not see your sport listed here, please check Tulane's Club Sports web page.

When you contact a coach, ALWAYS be sure to include your name, sport, age, and grade in school. It is also helpful to include a copy of your school transcript, and a resume of your athletic and academic accomplishments.


Sport Coach
BaseballDavid Pierce
Men's BasketballEd Conroy
Women's BasketballLisa Stockton
Men's & Women's Cross CountryEric Peterson
FootballCurtis Johnson
Men's & Women's Track & FieldEric Peterson
Women's VolleyballSinisa Momic
Women's GolfLorne Don
Women's TennisTerri Sisk
Men's Tennis Mark Booras
Beach Volleyball Wayne Holly
Bowling Hayley Veitch
Women's Swimming & Diving Katie Robinson

Please note that, per NCAA rules, in all sports except men's basketball, we can only respond to e-mails from seniors and juniors (following September 1) in high school. In men's basketball, we may respond to e-mails following the conclusion of your sophomore year. We will mail responses to freshman and sophomores within NCAA rules only.

You can call a Tulane coach, but in sports other than football and basketball, he/she cannot return your phone call until July 1 after the completion of your junior year in high school. In football, a coach may call you once during the month of May during your junior year and then not again until September 1 of your senior year of high school. In men's basketball, a coach may call you once during the month of March during your junior year of high school and then not again until July 1 following your junior year. In women's basketball, a coach may call you after April 1 of your junior year.