Tulane Athletic Hall Of Fame

The Tulane Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1977 to recognize those who have enriched and strengthened the Green Wave athletic programs either through their prowess on the field or through contributions off the field. In addition to having rendered outstanding service in the field of athletics, each inductee has exhibited other qualifications, such as outstanding sportsmanship, character, and integrity, and each inductee is a person who has brought great distinction to Tulane University. The charter members of the Hall of Fame are: Bill Banker (football), Bernie Bierman (football coach), Jerry Dalrymple (football), Lester Lautenschlaeger (football), Emmett Pare (tennis coach), Warren Perkins (basketball), Eddie Price (football), Hamilton Richardson (tennis), Clark Shaughnessy (football), Claude Simons, Jr. (football), and Clifford Wells (basketball coach).

Inductee (sports, years)Year Inducted
Ben Abadie (baseball, 1947-49, baseball coach, 1955-57, 1964-66)1996
David Abercrombie (football, 1969-70)1993
Jose A. Aguero (tennis, 1954-57)1981
Al Andrews (basketball, 1964-67)1990
Francis X. "Ike" Armstrong (football, 1926-30)1986
John C. Arthurs (basketball/baseball, 1966-69)1980
Alexander "Greek" Athas (football/basketball/track,1942-48)1979
Roy "Chief" Ary (football, 1933-35)1991
Willis B. "Bill" Banker (football, 1927-29)1977
Warren S. Bankston (football, 1966-68)1981
Steve Barrios (football, 1969-71)2000
Paul W. Bienz (track, 1950)1978
Bernie Bierman (football coach, 1927-31)1977
Ernest C. Blandin (football, 1939-41)1980
Gaston Bourgeois Jr. (football, 1943-46)1989
Dick Brennan (basketball, 1951-54)1991
Joseph M. Brocato (boxing, 1936-37)1989
Joe Brockhoff (baseball coach, 1975-93)1999
Alfred W. "Brother" Brown (football/track, 1922-24)1979
Robert W. Brown, M.D. (baseball, 1945-46)1979
Patrick W. Browne (football/basketball/baseball, 1925-28)1985
Patrick W. Browne Jr. (basketball, 1951-54)1983
Warren J. Brunner (football, 1936-38)1979
Howard L. "Bucky" Bryan (football, 1933-36)1983
Norman Buckner (football, 1935-37)1995
Joel B. Bullard Jr. (football, 1969-71)1988
Frank Burge (track, 1946-48, 50)1996
Barry Butera (baseball, 1975-77)1992
Fred J. Cassibry (football, 1937-40)1988
Harold P. Cervini (basketball, 1951-55)1982
Ernest Colquette (football, 1960-62)2003
Rusty Chambers (football, 1972-74)1993
Ted Cox (football coach, 1932-35)1982
Joseph L. Curran Jr. (swimming, 1966-68)1985
John Dane III (sailing, 1969-72)1990
Dr. Vincent B. D'Antoni (golf, 1937-39)1978
Gerald R. Dalrymple (football, 1929-31)1977
Bernard Darré (football, 1958-60)1990
Lowell P. "Red" Dawson (football, 1929-31)1980
Buddy de Monsabert (administration, 1948-75)2001
Burnell J. Dent (football, 1982-85)1998
Charles L. "Pie" Dufour (special)1983
Robert J. Duhon (football, 1965-67)1980
Joseph A. Ernst Sr. (football, 1948-50)1984
Charles L. Eshelman Sr., M.D. (football/track, 1898-1900)1979
John R. Espenshied (swimming, 1976-80)1989
Barbara Farris (women's basketball, 1994-98)2004
Edmund L. Faust, M.D. (football, 1914-17)1984
Nollie C. Felts (football, 1930-33)1990
Beatrice M. Field (special)1984
Billy Fitzgerald (basketball/baseball, 1966-69)1994
Lurlyn Fitzpatrick (special)1993
C.P. "Peggy" Flournoy (football, 1923-25)1978
Stephen J. Foley (football, 1972-74)1983
John Foto (baseball, 1974-77)2000
Ken Francingues (baseball, 1977-79)1993
G. Shelby "Buddy" Friedrichs Jr. (sailing, 1958-62)1984
Henry E. Frnka (football coach, 1946-51)1981
Richard G. Fugler II (football, 1949-51)1985
Cameron B. Gamble (boxing, 1938)1982
Harry P. Gamble Jr. (football/wrestling, 1922-26)1980
Jaime Garza (football, 1972-75)1993
Lester Gatewood (football, 1943)1998
Stacey Gaudet (women's basketball, 1983-87)1993
Pierre Gaudin (basketball, 1974-78)1987
Harry C. "Wop" Glover Jr. (football, 1929-31)1984
Jack Green (football, 1942, coach, 1955-61)1991
James A. Gueno (football, 1973-75)1998
Terry L. Habig (basketball, 1967-69)1988
George Haik (football, 1931)1994
Charles L. Hall (football, 1972-74)1981
Carl "Nickie" Hall (football, 1977-80)1999
Glenn Harder (football, 1970-72)2004
Richard Harvey (football, 1985-88)1999
Vernon C. "Lefty" Haynes (football, 1930-31)1982
F. Edward Hebert (special)1979
F. Jerome Helluin (football, 1949-51)1984
C. Ellis Henican (football/basketball, 1922-26)1978
Crawford I. Henry (tennis, 1957-60)1983
Ray W. Hester (football, 1968-70)1983
Phillip J. Hicks (basketball, 1973-76)1984
Doyless L. Hill (football/boxing, 1930-33)1986
Rodney Holman (football, 1978-81)1990
Ronald E. Holmberg (tennis, 1957-60)1980
Roch B. Hontas (football, 1976-79)1986
G. Turner Howard (tennis, 1966-69)1999
Barton W.B. Jahncke (sailing, 1957-61)1986
Keisha Johnson (women's basketball, 1991-94)2003
W. Spencer Johnson (cross country, 1945-47, track 1946-48, '50)1998
Carmen Jones (women's basketball, 1987-90)2003
Neal Jones (football, 1957-59)2000
Terrence Jones (football, 1985-88)1996
William A. "Dub" Jones (football, 1943-44)1982
Donald G. Joyce (football, 1949-50)1979
Robert F. Kellogg (football, 1938-39)1980
Eamon M. Kelly (president, 1981-98)1998
Margaret Kelly (special)1996
Lester Kennedy (football/baseball/track, 1951-54)1994
James J. Kerwin (basketball, 1960-63)1981
Edward M. Khayat (football/baseball, 1955-56)1981
George Kinek (football, 1948-50)1995
Shaun King (football, 1995-98)2004
Richard O. Kingrea (football, 1968-70)1980
Arthur G. Kleinschmidt (football, 1949-52)1992
Stanley C. Kottemann (football, 1946-48)1987
Paul Krueger (football, 1937-39)1993
Eric Laakso (football, 1975-77)1991
M.L. LaGarde (administration, 1974-present)2003
G. Fred Lamprecht (golf/football, 1922-25)1979
Eric Lane (baseball, 1981-83)1996
Lester J. Lautenschlaeger (football, 1922-25)1977
Paul Lea (football, 1948-50)1990
Milton L. "Irish" Levy (football, 1923-25)1986
Henry C. "Hooks" Lind (baseball, 1928-30)1980
Cary D. Livingston (baseball, 1969-72)1985
Joe Loftin (football, 1932-34)1995
Don Maggs (football, 1981-83)2000
Peter P. Mailhes (football, 1912-15)1998
Peter Mandich (football, 1939-41)1999
Claude "Boo" Mason (football, 1956-58)2001
Thomas C. Mason (football, 1958-60)1978
Harley R. McCollum (football, 1938-40)1981
William M. "Max" McGee (football, 1951-53)1980
W. Kennon McWilliams (special)1984
Bernard D. Mintz (football/track, 1933-35)1983
Edward C. Morgan (baseball/basketball, 1923-26)1978
Steve A. Mura (baseball, 1974-76)1982
Ed Murray (football, 1976-79)1987
Jason Navarro (baseball, 1995-97)2003
Herman L. Neugass (track, 1932-34)1979
T. Eugene Newton (football, 1955-58)1989
Thomas J. O'Boyle (football, 1938-40)1979
Forrest E. "Fritz" Oakes (football/basketball, 1913-14, track coach, 1925-64)1979
John S. Oelkers (football/track, 1927-29, track coach, 1934-78)1978
Mark Olivari (football, 1972-75)1992
John Owen (baseball, 1945-49)2001
Emmett J. Paré (tennis coach, 1934-73)1977
Linda Tuero Paul (tennis, 1969-71)1983
Melvin E. Payton (basketball, 1947-51)1985
Einar N. Pedersen (track, 1937-39, basketball 1937-38)1991
Ralph Pedersen (basketball, 1948-52, coach, 1964-71)1993
Warren C. Perkins (basketball, 1945-49)1977
Richard A. Petitbon (football, 1957-58)1980
Andy Pilney (football coach, 1946-61)1991
Jim Pittman (football coach, 1966-70)1983
John "Jack" Pizzano (football/boxing, 1926-29)1980
Ed Poitevent (football, 1934)1995
Earl J. "Bubba" Porche (special, trainer, 1949-85)1982
Edward J. Price Jr. (football, 1947-49)1977
Ronald Quillian (football, 1954-56)1991
Anthony Reed (basketball, 1990-93)1998
Anthony "Reggie" Reginelli Jr. (football/baseball, 1979-83)1997
Milton J. Retif (baseball, 1952-55, coach, 1967-74)1981
Sharon Fuqua Retif (basketball, 1979-82)1998
Hamilton F. Richardson (tennis, 1952-55)1977
James R. Riffey (basketball, 1946-50)1986
Lloyd "Preacher" Roberts (football/basketball/track, 1928-30)1990
Alicia Robertson (volleyball, 1991-94)2003
Frank Robinson (football, 1977-80)2001
Dan Rogas (football, 1947-50)1994
Mike Romano (baseball, 1991-93)2000
Robert Samuelson (men's tennis, 1996-99)2004
Anthony G. Sardisco (football, 1952-55)1982
John A. Scafide (football, 1930-32)1985
Clark Shaughnessy (football coach, 1915-20, 1922-26)1977
Claude M. "Monk" Simons (special, trainer, 1920-1943)1978
Claude M. "Little Monk" Simons Jr. (football, 1932-34, football coach, 1942-45)1977
Howard K. Smith Jr. (track, 1933-36)1983
Emmanuel F. "Tookie" Spann Jr. (football/baseball, 1984-88)1997
David C. Stokes (baseball, 1977-80)1986
Chad Sutter (baseball, 1996-99)2004
Cliff S. Sutter (tennis, 1930-33)1978
Ernest M. Sutter Sr. (tennis, 1936-38)1978
John Sutter (basketball, 1968-71)1994
William R. Svoboda (football, 1947-49)1978
Harold Sylvester (basketball, 1968-71)1995
Theard "Terry" Terrebonne (football, 1959-62)1992
L.E. "Lou" Thomas (football, 1940-42)1987
Paul Thompson (basketball, 1979-83)1990
Kathy Trosclair (volleyball coach, 1981-87)2004
Dalton L. Truax Jr. (football, 1954-56)1981
Jack M. Tuero (tennis, 1946-49)1979
Robert L. Turchin (track, 1940-41)1991
E.C. "Tick" Upton (football, 1929-31)1996
Daniel Wagner (baseball, 1983-86)1997
T. Semmes Walmsley (football/basketball/baseball/track, 1909-11)1992
Lionel Washington (football/track, 1979-83)1997
Douglas S. Watters Sr. (tennis, 1916-21)1980
Ben Weiner (special)1984
Clifford Wells (basketball coach, 1945-63)1977
Ralph M. Wenzel (football, 1937-39)1988
George "Sunny" Westfeldt (football, 1932-33)1996
Millard D. White (football/track, 1937-39)1989
Sam Williamson (football manager, 1957)2001
Frank Wills Jr. (baseball, 1978-80)1988
Gordon "Doc" Wilson (football, 1923-26)2001
James W. Wilson Jr. (football, 1953-56)1992
Chris P. Winter (baseball, 1969-71)1987
Marc Zeno (football, 1984-87)1997
Donald G. Zimmerman (football, 1930-32)1978