Tulane Athletics Hurricane Evacuation Update



Sept. 3, 2005

Congratulations to the Green Wave women's soccer team, which became the first Tulane team to take the field since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Betsy Anderson's team played an outstanding match before running out of steam at the end and falling to Louisville, 2-1. After a week in which they were evacuated to Jackson on a 10-hour bus trip, slept on a gymnasium floor in a power-less gym while Katrina roared through Mississippi and witnessed the devastation of their city on television from Birmingham while riding an emotional rollercoaster, the ladies of the soccer team represented Tulane proudly and impressively Friday afternoon.

In light of Dr. Cowen's latest update which included the information that Tulane teams would compete this fall for the Green Wave, the Tulane Athletics administrative team is working to make that happen on what we are calling the "Tulane Athletics Relocation Project." More information on the details of the plan will be forthcoming in the next 48-72 hours. We are currently in discussion with schools regarding playing and practice facilities and general support, while working with the university administration to coordinate admissions and academic scheduling. Over the coming days, we will be holding a series of conference calls among the staff to set the details and logistics of this unprecedented undertaking. Once the plan is laid out, our coaches will be contacting their student-athletes to outline the details and advise them of their next step.

We have every confidence that, like New Orleans, Tulane Athletics will persevere and triumph through this difficult time. Our teams and student-athletes have already shown remarkable resiliency and we expect that to continue.

Remember, that individual specific questions can be sent via e-mail to:
tulane1@c-usa.org (for current student-athletes and parents)
tulane2@c-usa.org (for athletics staff)
tulane3@c-usa.org(for opponents and other NCAA schools)
tulane4@c-usa.org (for prospective student-athletes)
tulane7@c-usa.org(for fans and friends of Tulane Athletics)
tulanemediarelations@yahoo.com (for media)

Notes for Student-Athletes
Stay in contact with your coaches. Make sure they have a reliable phone number and a land line number for you, as well as an e-mail address (not a Tulane.edu address). Within the next day or two, an e-mail directory for Tulane coaches will be available on TulaneGreenWave.com.

Do NOT enroll in another university without receiving the OK from your coach and from Tulane, this may jeopardize your eligibility.

Do NOT make contact with coaches at other schools.

At this time, Tulane is NOT granting releases for its student-athletes to attend other schools.

Look for a message directly to student-athletes from Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson on www.TulaneGreenWave.com soon.

Notes for Staff
If you have not already done so, make contact with your supervisor or a member of the athletics administration via e-mail or telephone. If you do not know how to reach your supervisor, send an e-mail to tulane2@c-usa.org and tulanemediarelations@yahoo.com, or call the hotline which C-USA has set up for Tulane staff at 214-774-1357 and leave your number and an e-mail address (if available) on the voice mail. We are compiling a complete list of staff and phone numbers. Someone will be in touch with you.

If you have a Cingular cell phone from Tulane University, you can activate a new phone number in your current location at no cost to you. Simply find the corporate office for Cingular in your area, give them your phone number, which will show you to be on a Tulane account. The authorization to change your SIM card will show up when they pull up your number. When you have a new phone number, please notify us via e-mail or the C-USA hotline as described above.

Although a lot of people have already set up e-mail accounts with yahoo or hotmail, we received late word today that the university can activate some of the tulane.edu e-mails as they are working with yahoo. I will be sending the e-mails you have provided me to the university IT person, who will then send you an e-mail (to the new address) directing you on how to activate your tulane.edu account. Once you activate that and are using it again, please let me know.

Please check the www.TulaneGreenWave.com and emergency.tulane.edu websites and your e-mail OFTEN for news and updates from Tulane. Specifically, the emergency.tulane.edu website contains information for all employees regarding payroll and benefits.

Websites and Phone Numbers to Note
The following websites and phone numbers also may be of interest to staff and student-athletes, as well as to the general public:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - www.fema.gov or 1-800-861-FEMA
To view satellite images of specific addresses in New Orleans - www.wwltv.com
For information on missing individuals due to Hurricane Katrina - www.redcross.org
To change your address - visit a local post office or call 1-800-ask-usps
Conference USA and the Conference USA Relief Fund - www.conferenceusa.org

-- Roll Wave --