Tulane Gets Ready for Some Football: A Series on Game Week Preparations


Aug. 27, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – Leading up to Tulane football game days at Tulane, Thursdays will be the day that preparations for kickoff will begin to take place around campus.

Here at TulaneGreenWave.com, we will highlight the changes that students, staff, faculty and fans at Tulane will see on the Uptown campus leading up to a typical Saturday game day during the first football season on campus since the 1974 campaign.


Typical Game Week Happenings (Thursday)

After the campus lies typically dormant for the first three days of the school week, Thursdays will be the day that faculty, staff and students may begin to see a few changes occurring on the 110 acres of Tulane’s campus.


“Right now, the plan we are working under – aside from week one – is that we will start at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning and set things up through noon on Friday,” said John Lange, Tulane’s Game Day Manager.


The first thing that those walking on or around the LBC and Newcomb Quads see are the tents that will be used for tailgating. To be known as Tailgate Village, these two quads will serve as the heartbeat of a typical Saturday afternoon prior to Tulane football on campus.

Tailgating will be allowed for the general public in designated areas on the LBC Quad, with spaces available on a first come, first served bases. The tents that are put up on Thursdays will generally be placed on the Newcomb Quad, which will serve as a tailgating area for eligible donors to the Tulane Athletics Fund.


Additionally, many of the typical game day essentials will be delivered to campus on Thursday afternoon. Port-o-lets, light towers and crowd pleasers – which are trailers with air conditioning, hot water and toilets – will be delivered and dispersed throughout the campus on Thursday.


But those who walk through the oak-filled campus of Tulane on a regular basis need not worry: all outside gear brought in for game days will be sent back to their respective rental companies the day after the football game.


“By noon on Sunday, it’s our goal to have the campus back to use for its regular activities,” added Lange.


Friedrichs, which produced the first interlocking barricades for the City of New Orleans over 45 years ago, will deliver their product to the campus the Wednesday prior to the Georgia Tech game. These will be placed throughout campus to keep certain areas undisturbed. Unlike other rented materials for game days, the barricades will remain on campus throughout the entire season, but not in sight of the general public.


“Facilities and I will work together to find a place to store them,” stated Lange. “We will padlock them in groups, and where they are placed will be ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind.’ We will use those places as a distribution point (for future games).”


Other than a few things popping up here and there in preparation for a Saturday game, Thursdays – while busy for Lange, the Athletic Department and all else involved in making sure the game day experience is up to everybody’s expectations– will not be as intrusive to the Tulane community as it can be at other schools around the country.


For more information regarding the Game Day experience, please view our Game Day Fan Guide


Special Events Leading Up to the Sept. 6 Game (Thursday)

The two Thursdays prior to the first game at Yulman Stadium will feature exciting activities that revolve around the opening of the 2014 Tulane football season.


On Thursday, Aug. 28, Alumni Affairs will hold a Tailgate Training at the Alumni House from 6-9 p.m. The event will be held indoors and outdoors with a ‘beer garden’ and several large-screen TVs set up to allow fans attending two view the opening game of the 2014 season against Tulsa at 7 p.m. Prior to the game, Sodexo personnel will demonstrate how to properly cook for a tailgate party while providing tailgating tips. Commemorative t-shirts and tank tops will be given away, and there will be opportunities to purchase tickets to future football games at Yulman Stadium.


“This will truly be a tailgate training,” said Deputy Director of Athletics/Chief Operating Officer Barbara Burke. “I think this will be very neat. Folks will be able to watch us play Tulsa in our opening game while we share with them our vision of Yulman Stadium.”


The same night at the Rat in the LBC, a ‘Watch the Wave!’ party will be held for first-year students in order to introduce them to their first experience of Tulane football. The Tulane Marching Band will be in attendance, and cheerleaders will help the students learn the Tulane alma mater and Hullaballoo cheer. Free food and soft drinks will be provided while fans have the opportunity to cheer on the Green Wave as they take on Tulsa.


“This event will be predominately for our student body,” added Burke. “This will coincide with the Expo that will be going on at the LBC Quad. We will have a tent set up there where students can come and get their game ticket, and we will also have some posters and schedule cards there so we can help create a spirit of what we expect to see on game day.”


On Thursday, Sept. 4 – just two days before the grand opening of Yulman Stadium – Tulane faculty, staff and graduate and professional students will have an opportunity to engage and enjoy refreshments at an Open House. All attending will have the chance to purchase tickets and Tulane gear while sipping on wine and beer with a jazz duo performing in the Wilson Center atrium before the tours of the stadium.


“What we wanted to do with all of these events was to hit all of our different groups,” mentioned Burke. “I think (professional students and graduate students) are just another group of folks that we want to engage to come support Tulane athletics.”