Athletic Wellness



July 19, 2004

With eight certified athletic trainers, a state-of-the art weight room staffed by five strength and conditioning coaches, and the resources of the nearby Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, Tulane student-athletes are provided with the best opportunities to gain a physical edge as well as maintain health and athletic wellness. In addition, Tulane's wellness staff includes a nutritionist available to meet with student-athletes to provide a program for healthy diet and nutrition in accordance with each individual's goals.

The Earl "Bubba" Porche Training Room
Named in honor of long-time Tulane trainer Earl "Bubba" Porche, the Tulane Athletic Training Room is the primary medical treatment facility for all Tulane student-athletes, where all practice preparation, illness and injury prevention and treatment, and rehabilitation, take place. The staff of eight certified athletic trainers stays apprised of the latest in injury treatment and rehabilitation, and uses state-of-the art modalities and equipment, including electrical stimulations/ultrasound machines, several whirlpools, a full-size Jacuzzi and a Biodex isokinetic testing/rehabilitation unit to provide the utmost in student-athlete care. The athletic training staff stays on the cutting edge of medical technology by using computerized injury tracking systems that are PDA compatible.

The Tulane athletic training room staff works closely with the physicians, physical therapists and staff at the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine (TISM) - one of the premier sports medicine facilities in the nation. Based on Tulane's uptown campus, TISM integrates clinical management, research and education with the resources of a world-renowned medical school and hospital. TISM includes physician's offices where the Tulane team physicians see patients, a physical therapy department, a biomechanics lab, full x-ray capabilities and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit. These facilities, along with the athletic training room, allow the sports medicine staff to provide the student-athletes with the highest quality of sports medicine care.

The Henry Frnka Weight Room

The Tulane University Strength and Conditioning facility, located in the Wilson Athletic Center, features over 5,000 square feet of training space and over 30,000 pounds of weights and equipment. Every student-athlete at Tulane utilizes this state-of-the-art facility for all of their training needs. The weight room is furnished with equipment from Wynmor, Sorinex, York, and Hammer Strength. In addition, the facility is complete with Dynamaxx medicine balls, hurdles, plyometric boxes and assorted speed and agility equipment. The weight room is also equipped with Cybex stationary bikes in order to ensure cardiovascular fitness. Student-athletes also benefit from state-of-the-art video equipment which is used to evaluate each player to ensure that they exercise properly, effectively and safely.

Under the direction and motivation of head strength and conditioning coach Russell Barbarino and his staff of Gavin Ozaki, Jake Rayburn and Karen Groce, the facility has developed an intense and hard working, yet enjoyable, atmosphere. A digital stereo system, complete with surround sound and video monitor, contains over 1,500 songs which keep each student-athlete energized.

The goals of the staff are to help each student-athlete reach their peak physical performance and maximize injury prevention. Each student-athlete receives training and instruction that specifically enhance athletic performance in their respective sports. The strength and conditioning facility is an integral part of Tulane's success.