Tulane Student-Athletes Improve Their Campus Through Community Service



June 30, 2014

NEW ORLEANS - Fifty-plus Tulane student-athletes dispersed throughout their very own campus on Friday, June 27 to perform a variety of community service projects that will benefit not only themselves, but their peers, professors and all those who will be on the Uptown campus during the next few years.

Danielle Blagg (women's basketball), Tiffany Dale (women's basketball), Chinwe Duru (women's basketball), Jamie Kaplan (women's basketball), Tierra Jones (women's basketball), Morgan Rogers (women's basketball), Adesuwa Ebomwonyi (women's basketball), Lou Dabley (men's basketball), Tre Drye (men's basketball), Josh Hearlihy (men's basketball), Payton Henson (men's basketball), Jay Hook (men's basketball), Kajon Mack (men's basketball), Malik Morgan (men's basketball), Keith Pinckney (men's basketball), Jonathan Stark (men's basketball), Cameron Reynolds (men's basketball), Ryan Smith (men's basketball), Amy Lanski (volleyball), Annie Shurtz (volleyball), Daliadiz Ortiz (track and field), Tanzel Smart (football), Sydie London (football), Kedrick Banks (football), John Leglue (football), Eldrick Washington (football), Fletcher Barnes (football), Parry Nickerson (football), Quinlan Carroll (football), Terren Encalade (football), Sean Donnelly (football), Andrew DiRocco (football), Braynon Edwards (football), Donnie Lewis (football), Robert Kennedy (football), Fudge Van Hooser (football), Frank Thomas (football), Glen Cuiellette (football), Arturo Uzdavinis (football), Nathan Shienle (football), Darion Monroe (football), Nick Montana (football), Devon Breaux (football), Rob Kelley (football), Eric Bell (football), Edward Williams (football), Kenneth Santa Marina (football), Alex Paul (football), Taurean Nixon (football), Charles Jones (football), Brandon Godfrey (football) and Matthew Bailey (football) split up into small groups that were able to cover a slew of tasks that ranged from St. Charles Avenue to Claiborne Avenue.

Many of the football players participated in one of two tasks during the day. Some stayed near the Wilson Center, heading over to the Diboll Parking Garage where they cleaned the stairwells that anchored the building's four corners. They also swept and cleaned many of the levels of the parking garage.

Those footballers who did not stay near the home base of Tulane Athletics ventured near the front of campus where they dismantled the seating of a classroom in Richardson Building. The old, heavy stadium-style seating was moved across the hall to make way for more comfortable seating in the classroom found in one of the older buildings on campus.

Just next door to Richardson Building is Richardson Memorial Hall, where many women's basketball players joined forces with the volleyball and track and field athletes to paint some of the architecture studio-style classrooms. Prior to partaking in slathering the walls with a fresh coat of paint, many of the same student-athletes repainted the outside doors along the rear side of McAlister Auditorium in the heart of the campus.

During the school year, many of the student-athletes live in the Aron Student Apartments, tucked alongside Willow Street. There, the men's basketball team was put to work removing old doors throughout the complex that were then loaded onto a truck to be taken away for recycling.

All of the work done on campus is part of the commitment Tulane Athletics and the Green Wave student-athletes have made towards bettering the community that encompasses their community. Earlier in the month, many Green Wave student-athletes ventured out into the community to the Tulane Cancer Center, New Orleans Museum of Art and the Covenant/Grace House, among other places, to enrich the lives of the less fortunate by performing a variety of duties.

"In order to be an advocate for change, you must first start at home," stated Academic Student Services Center for Student-Athletes assistant Israel Route. "This community service activity proved that we all play an integral part in the success of our community."