April 28, 2010

The T-Club is an organization of former Tulane student-athletes who share a common goal of furthering the support for the athletic programs at Tulane University and who work together to maintain and strengthen the relationships of its members, born on the playing fields and courts for Tulane. For more information, please visit the T-Club website http://tulane.edu/alumni/tclub/index.cfm or contact:

Terrence Jones
Assistant Director, Tulane Clubs

T Club Athlete of the Year
The T Club annually selects a male and female athlete of the year at Tulane.

Men's Winners
1962-63Jim Kerwin, basketball
1963-64Mike Calamari, football
1964-65David East, football
1965-66Bill Goss, football
1966-67Bobby Duhon, football/baseball
1967-68Bobby Duhon, football/baseball
1968-69John Arthurs, basketball/baseball
1969-70Rick Kingrea, football
1970-71Rick Kingrea, football
David Abercrombie, football
1971-72Cary Livingston, baseball
1972-73Steve Foley, football
1973-74Charles Hall, football
1974-75Phil Hicks, basketball
1975-76Phil Hicks, basketball
1976-77Eric Laakso, football
1977-78John Foto, baseball
1978-79Ken Francingues, baseball
1979-80Roch Hontas, football
1980-81Frank Robinson, football
1981-82John Zelenka, baseball
1982-83Jimmy Flowers, swimming
1983-84William Hammarstrom, TR
1984-85Dan Wagner, baseball
1985-86Dan Wagner, baseball
1986-87Eric Thomas, football
1987-88Marc Zeno, football
1988-89Terrence Jones, football
1989-90Anthony Reed, basketball
1990-91Ivan Zweig, baseball
1991-92Mike Romano, baseball
1992-93Anthony Reed, basketball
1993-94David Stewart, baseball
1994-95Kim Lewis, basketball
1995-96Jerald Honeycutt, basketball
1996-97Jason Navarro, baseball
1997-98Robert Samuelson, tennis
1998-99Shaun King, football
1999-00JaJuan Dawson, football
2000-01Andy Cannizaro, baseball
Jake Gautreau, baseball
2002-03Michael Aubrey, baseball
2003-04Mewelde Moore, football

Women's Winners
1984-85Renee Krickstein, tennis
1985-86Stacey Gaudet, basketball
1986-87Stacey Gaudet, basketball
1987-88Carolyn Richardson, VB
1988-89Carla Cox, basketball/track
1989-90Carla Cox, volleyball/track
Carmen Jones, basketball
1990-91Erin Fogarty, volleyball
1991-92Tracy Harris, track
1992-93Mashandra Hall, track
1993-94Mashandra Hall, track
1994-95Alicia Robertson, volleyball
1995-96Christy Thomaskutty, basketball
1996-97Mary Lowry, basketball
1997-98Barbara Farris, basketball
1998-99Hanne Lyngstad, cross country/track
1999-00Grace Daley, basketball
2000-01Anna Monhartova, tennis
2002-03Britney Hurst, volleyball
2003-04Karlyn Daly, volleyball