158 Tulane Student-Athletes Recognized by Conference USA for Their Work in the Classroom



April 11, 2013

IRVING, Texas - Tulane University placed 158 student-athletes on the Conference USA Commissioners Honor Roll, Commissioner Britton Banowsky announced on Thursday.

A record 2,539 student-athletes across Conference USA earned the honors this year. Student-athletes must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better to be named to the list.

Tulane's track and field and cross country program led the way for the Greenies with 41 of their members making the list. The football team placed 29 on the list, and the women's swimming program placed 26. Thirteen Green Wave baseball players made the list, followed by 11 men's tennis players and nine women's tennis players. Tulane rounded out the list with eight women's basketball players, six volleyball players, five bowlers, three men's basketball players and one sand volleyball athlete.

On Friday, the Academic Medal award winners will be announced by the conference. The Academic Medal is given to those Conference USA student-athletes who have achieved a 3.75 grade point average or better.

Tulane Commissioner's Honor Roll

Briggs Barrios, Baseball
Brandon Boudreaux, Baseball
Matthew Braud, Baseball
Cameron Burns, Baseball
Garrett Cannizaro, Baseball
Tyler Chamberlain-Simon, Baseball
Christopher Demetriades, Baseball
Nick DiMaggio, Baseball
Alex Facundus, Baseball
Brennan Middleton, Baseball
Sean Potkay, Baseball
Andrew Reeves, Baseball
Bowen Woodson, Baseball
Ben Cherry, Men's Basketball
Max Keenan, Men's Basketball
Marc Eddy Norelia, Men's Basketball
Whitney Bibbins, Women's Basketball
Danielle Blagg, Women's Basketball
Chinwendu Duru, Women's Basketball
Olivia Grayson, Women's Basketball
Jamie Kaplan, Women's Basketball
Janique Kautsky, Women's Basketball
Katye Magee, Women's Basketball
Morgan Rogers, Women's Basketball
Kelly Doucette, Women's Bowling
Hannah Ryan, Women's Bowling
Jessica Stricklin, Women's Bowling
Hillary Sullivan, Women's Bowling
Victoria Wiseman, Women's Bowling
Casey Blum, Football
Robert Bradley, Football
Steven Broccoli, Football
Anthony Bronzo, Football
Richard Carthon, Football
Jacob Davis, Football
Ryan Griffin, Football
Colton Hanson, Football
Chris Hanuscin, Football
Logan Hilton, Football
William Johnson, Football
Eric Jones, Football
Jordy Joseph, Football
Alex Lauricella, Football
Zachary Morgan, Football
Raymond Oppman, Football
Ruston Pritchard, Football
Stephen Purcell, Football
Ryan Rome, Football
Brock Sanders, Football
Brandon Schmidt, Football
Samuel Scofield, Football
Nathan Shienle, Football
Nate Skold, Football
Stephen Suchy, Football
Evan Tatford, Football
Calvin Thomas, Football
Gregory Thomson, Football
Walker Van Hooser, Football
Meghan Chapman, Women's Golf
Gemma Dryburgh, Women's Golf
Silvia Garces Escalante, Women's Golf
Emily Penttila, Women's Golf
Samantha Troyanovich, Women's Golf
Jackie Wegner, Sand Volleyball
Courtney Liddle, Sand Volleyball
Kayla Alf-Huynh, Women's Swimming
Kristin Ates, Women's Swimming
Gisele Calderon, Women's Swimming
Cari Caprio, Women's Swimming
Elizabeth Cook, Women's Swimming
Erin Cunningham, Women's Swimming
Jillian Daleiden, Women's Swimming
Sara Eicher, Women's Swimming
Alexandra Evans, Women's Swimming
Morgan Evans, Women's Swimming
Holly Grender, Women's Swimming
Kristine Gu, Women's Swimming
Rebekah Harris, Women's Swimming
Harley Jackson, Women's Swimming
Molly Jubas, Women's Swimming
Veronica Meyer, Women's Swimming
Amy Needham, Women's Swimming
Emily Needham, Women's Swimming
Lauren Pfohl, Women's Swimming
Rachel Ranson, Women's Swimming
Amelia Schachter, Women's Swimming
Claire Schelske, Women's Swimming
Rachel Schneider, Women's Swimming
Grace Tarka, Women's Swimming
Laura Turpen, Women's Swimming
Elizabeth Whitaker, Women's Swimming
Adam Bernstein, Men's Tennis
Etham Frenkel, Men's Tennis
Dominik Koepfer, Men's Tennis
Coby Kramer-Golinkoff, Men's Tennis
Idan Mark, Men's Tennis
Takuma Ohashi, Men's Tennis
Rodrigo Rappaccioli, Men's Tennis
Cedric Rutsaert, Men's Tennis
Iain Sneddon, Men's Tennis
Alexander Van Cott, Men's Tennis
Ian Van Cott, Men's Tennis
Ipek Birol, Women's Tennis
Hila Elster, Women's Tennis
Emma Helisten, Women's Tennis
Jenny Hois, Women's Tennis
Jacqueline Katz, Women's Tennis
Emma Levy, Women's Tennis
Caroline Magnusson, Women's Tennis
Meredith Maltby, Women's Tennis
Klara Vyskocilova, Women's Tennis
Christopher Arechiga, Men's Track & Field
Jonathan Frano, Men's Track & Field
Peter Haskins, Men's Track & Field
Jonathan Heil, Men's Track & Field
Brian Lozes, Men's Track & Field
Mark Manion, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Michael Villasin, Men's Track & Field
Adam Yohanan, Men's Track & Field
Jessica Adamson, Women's Track & Field
Emmi Aguillard, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Aimee Arceneaux, Women's Track & Field
Jerica Banks, Women's Track & Field
Jessica Biemiller, Women's Track & Field
Paige Callahan, Women's Track & Field
Taylor Caulk, Women's Track & Field
Katherine Crabtree, Women's Track & Field
Jill Doyle, Women's Track & Field
Tiffany Kenney, Women's Track & Field
Jessica Knierim, Women's Track & Field
Michelle Kreutzberg, Women's Track & Field
Joanna Lapucha, Women's Track & Field
Kelci Lyons, Women's Track & Field
Charlotte Manogue, Women's Track & Field
Rebecca McDonald, Women's Track & Field
Elizabeth McMillan, Women's Track & Field
Brenna Mossman, Women's Track & Field
Layla Nachar, Women's Track & Field
Dana Ohlson, Women's Track & Field
Katelyn Price, Women's Track & Field
Briana Santiago, Women's Track & Field
Amanda Savage, Women's Track & Field
Elisabeth Skiles, Women's Track & Field
Madison Smith, Women's Track & Field
Mikayla Sonneborn, Women's Track & Field
Candice St. Etienne, Women's Track & Field
Cheyenne Swanson, Women's Track & Field
Elizabeth Thomassie, Women's Track & Field
Callie Turlington, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Merritt Van Meter, Women's Track & Field
Heather Volk, Women's Track & Field
Hilary Woods, Women's Track & Field
Amber Bennett, Volleyball
Milena Dragovic, Volleyball
Izabela Grot, Volleyball
Mel Mandelbaum, Volleyball
Olivia Utt, Volleyball
Grace Weaver, Volleyball