Wave Chat - February 1, 2011




Feb. 1, 2011


Dear Green Wave Fans,

I received a lot of positive feedback from my first Wave Chat and I'm glad to see there continues to be so much interest in our student-athletes. They are a great bunch and I can honestly say I have done back flips to support them.

Before you think I'm patting myself on the back, let me explain. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is currently raising money for Second Harvest Food Bank. I told Green Wave football player Charles Gaspard, president of the group, that if they hit their goal of $500 I would do a belly flop into the Reily Center Pool. That seemed to be the motivation they needed because they met their goal. True to my word, I reported in my swimming trunks to the pool one chilly night last week. Instead of a belly flop, I thought I would impress them by doing a flip off the high diving board. My form was flawless but my ears got the worst of it and if some of you have spoken to me lately and think I've ignored you, it's because my hearing hasn't been the same since.

But, it won't keep me from cheering for the Wave, including the tennis teams, which just started their seasons. Their matches are a lot of fun and a great outing for the family. Women's Coach Terri Sisk is promising free hot dogs for fans (I will be grilling the Hebrew Nationals courtside), plus some of the best tennis in Conference USA. Men's Coach Mark Booras, not to be outdone, is offering... well I guess you'll have to come to a match to find out.

While today is the first day of February, tomorrow is the first day in the Green Wave football careers of more than 20 young men in our 2011 class. I have met most of them and they are terrific kids. And each one is thrilled and excited about wearing the Olive and Blue.

I hope you'll join us for our Football Signing Day Party tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the Lavin-Bernick Center. I guarantee you will be excited by what you see and hear.

After the excitement of Signing Day, football will remain a top priority for us during the spring. People frequently ask me where we are going with the program and I talked a little bit about our goals in my first Wave Chat. Right now my staff, with input from a focus group, is working on a plan that will capture your attention by laying out our vision for football and how we intend to achieve it. Stay tuned and don't do anything crazy like diving off the three-meter board!

Roll Wave.

Rick  Dickson

PS - There's only one day left to purchase your tickets for the Super Bowl raffle. Don't miss your opportunity to watch fellow Tulanian Mewelde Moore go for his second Super Bowl ring while supporting Tulane at the same time. For more, visit the raffle website.