Yulman Stadium


Thousands of people experienced college football on Tulane's Uptown campus over multiple decades and even 36 years later it is not hard to find a story about someone's experience at the old Tulane Stadium. Boy Scouts selling programs... walking through the neighborhood in a sea of tailgaters... watching the Wave defeat LSU in front of a record crowd of 86,598 in 1973... neighborhood kids sneaking into the stadium to watch practice, all the while dreaming of someday playing for the Green Wave. The list goes on and on. It is time to recreate these memories for a new generation of Green Wave fans. Yulman Stadium will be a catalyst for the resurgence of Tulane Football in New Orleans.

With an initial capacity of 30,000, Yulman Stadium will create a home-field environment unrivaled in college football. Fans will be on top of the action on every side of the field and there will not be a bad seat in the house. It will serve as a critical recruiting tool for future Green Wave student-athletes and will provide another reason for Tulanians across the country to come back to campus and reconnect with their university.

Yulman Stadium will serve as an epicenter of activity for Tulane University as well as serve as an incubator for future fans, students, and student-athletes. Thousands will be introduced to the new era of Tulane Football... one in which memories will be made and shared for decades by the next generation of Tulanians.

An on-campus stadium will foster a sense of community for students and will provide a rallying point and sense of pride and tradition. It will be a magnet for New Orleanians who want to experience college football in New Orleans. Fans young and old, alumni and those who never attended Tulane will swarm to Yulman Stadium.

Tulane Football will be part of the fabric of our great city.


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