The function of NCAA compliance is the responsibility of all Tulane coaches and administrators. Participating within the rules and regulations established by the NCAA and the American Athletic Conference is essential to maintain institutional control and to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation.

The Compliance Office has created policies and procedures that are designed to protect the integrity of intercollegiate athletics at Tulane University. The following are forms that help the Compliance Office in monitoring and overseeing the intercollegiate athletic programs at Tulane so that coaches and administrators are better able to perform their duties within the bounds of NCAA and American rules and regulations.

The Compliance Office has done its best to predict all potential issues that might arise in the operation of an intercollegiate athletic department. However, there are still situations that need special attention. Therefore, the Compliance Office asks all coaches and administrators to peruse and use these forms as needed, but reminds all Tulane coaches and administrators to "Ask Before You Act." If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call please feel free to call (504-314-7210), email jgray7@tulane.edu, or visit the James W. Wilson, Jr. Center.

Tulane Athletics Compliance Policy
Forms Appendix

NCAA Bylaw 11: Conduct and Employment of Athletics Personnel
Athletically Related Income Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Countable Coach Verification Form (Football)
Countable Coach Verification Form
Graduate Assistant Coach Agreement
Manager Agreement
Student Assistant Coach Agreement
Volunteer Coach Agreement

NCAA Bylaw 12: Amateurism
Charitable Non-Profit & Promotional Activity Form
Identification of Prospective Professional Athlete
Memorabilia and Fundraising Request Form

NCAA Bylaw 13: Recruiting
National Letter of Intent/Offer of Athletic Aid Form
PSA Expectation Form
PSA Certification Sheet

Student Host Form
Spring Evaluation Designation Form (Football)
Transfer Request Form
Unofficial Visit Record
Walk-On Notification Form

Camp Approval Form
Camp Student-Athlete Employment Form
Camp Employment List
Camp Attendance Roster
Camp Free/Reduced Admission Roster
Camp Financial Report
Post-Camp Checklist

NCAA Bylaw 14: Eligibility
Change of Status Form
Equipment Use for Outside Competition
Medical Waiver Form
Waiver Request for Outside Competition

NCAA Bylaw 15: Financial Aid
Athletic Aid Renewal Form (Head Count Sports)
Athletic Aid Renewal Form (Equivalency Sports)
National Letter of Intent/Offer of Athletic Aid Form

NCAA Bylaw 16: Awards, Benefits and Expenses for Enrolled Student-Athletes
Competition/Award List
Disabling Injury Insurance Form
Occasional Meal Form
Team Entertainment Form

NCAA Bylaw 17: Playing and Practice Seasons
Playing Season Declaration
Spring Practice Designation Form (Football)
Summer League Permission Form (Basketball)
Summer League Permission Form (BA, T&F/CC, VB)