Tulane athletics is committed to the principle of amateurism in intercollegiate athletics. Therefore, the Compliance Office has developed a program to ensure that any interaction between Tulane student-athletes and agents or financial advisors is consistent with NCAA legislation. The State of Louisiana, the NCAA, and Tulane University have all instituted laws, rules, and procedures that must be followed in any communication between agents or financial advisors and student-athletes. Although the aforementioned laws, rules, and procedures are quite extensive, the following are provided as general guidelines to follow.

  • All agents must register will the Compliance Office.
  • Student-athletes must refer all unregistered agents to the Compliance Office.
  • Student-athletes must notify the Compliance Office any time they have contact with an agent.
  • Student-athletes who do not abide by the policies of the Compliance Office will be disciplined.
  • Agents who do not abide by the policies of the Compliance Office may not contact student-athletes and may be reported to the governing body of the applicable professional sport and/or to local law enforcement.

The Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA) is a model state law that provides a means regulating the conduct of athlete agents. Louisiana is one of 41 states to have enacted the UAAA, requiring an athlete agent to register with a state authority in order to act as an athlete agent in Louisiana.

The Compliance Office has created policies and procedures that are designed to protect the integrity of intercollegiate athletics at Tulane University. The following are forms that help the Compliance Office in monitoring and overseeing the intercollegiate athletic programs at Tulane so that representatives of the athletic department are better able to perform their duties within the bounds of NCAA and American Athletic Conference rules and regulations.

Athlete-Agent Registration Policy
Athlete-Agent Registration Form

The Compliance Office has done its best to predict all potential issues that might arise in the operation of an intercollegiate athletic department. However, there are still situations that need special attention. Therefore, the Compliance Office asks you to peruse and use these forms as needed, but reminds you to "Ask Before You Act." If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call please feel free to call (504-314-7210), email jgray7@tulane.edu, or visit the James W. Wilson, Jr. Center.