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Tulane Academic Success Center (TASC)

The primary goal of the ASC Tutor Program is to provide student-athletes with academic assistance beyond what is received in the classroom. In order to accomplishthis goal, tutors provide interactive, objective based tutoring, as well as, subject specific study techniques.

The Educational Assistance Program is designed to assist student-athletes with additional academic support. Intervention begins with their first year, a critical transition period, and runs beyond their final term at Tulane. The programs proactive approach promotes success by building comprehensive academic profiles to assess needs before problems arise. From the beginning, each student's academic strengths and weaknesses are identified and appropriate educational services are provided. Educational Assistants work with each individual student to strengthen their time management, organization, and study skills based on their learning style. These services and support are designed to facilitate the growth of each student-athlete into a confident and independent individual.

Requests for tutoring/educational assistance can come from either a student-athlete or the student-athlete's Academic Counselor and begins the first week of each semester. Tutoring/educational assistance appointments are added throughout the semester based upon the needs of the student-athlete.

Attendance for appointments is mandatory. Tutoring/educational assistance appointments may only be canceled with prior approval from the student-athlete's Academic Counselor. Failure to attend tutoring/educational assistance appointments will result in the following penalties:

Tutoring and educational assistance appointments
1. Warning and notification of Head Coach
2. $20 billed to the student-athletes' account, notification of Director of ASC and notification of Head Coach

Subsequent misses will be recorded and reported as stated above, as well as notification to the Athletic Director. The financial penalty will be tallied and billed to the student-athletes at the end of each month.

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