Current Student Athletes

Tulane undergraduate student-athletes pursue programs and degrees in over 70 subject areas offered by five undergraduate schools. To facilitate your academic planning, both on campus and long-term, the Academic Services Center for Student-Athletes provides basic information on each degree program, suggests ways in which to apply key skills from each degree to future career opportunities, and compiles information on the Tulane departments as well as local and national professional associations related to each degree.

Advising Information

Each student-athlete will be assigned a Campus Academic Advisor according to his/her college or major. The Advising Center is located on the main campus in the Richardson Building. It is the centralized location for all advisors.

In addition to the Campus Academic Advisor, students have a Major Faculty Advisor for their respective field of study. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with both Campus Academic Advisor and Major Faculty Advisor to discuss core and degree requirements for the major.

Students majoring in Business will be assigned a Business Coordinator. The Business Coordinator handles all advising for the business curriculum. Students should make an appointment with their Business Coordinator and Campus Academic Advisor.

Academic Game Plan

All incoming student-athletes are required to meet with their academic counselor on a weekly or bi-weekly basis utilizing their academic planner. Student-athletes who continue to need monitored academic support after their initial year at Tulane will continue to meet with an academic team member. The student-athletes and the ASC team member work together to develop long and short-term goals that will enhance each individual student-athlete's academic success.

The primary purpose of the academic game plan is to monitor progress and to maintain communication with University faculty regarding the academic progress of all student-athletes. The ASC team member will help coordinate semester class selection, registration, administration of the tutoring and enhanced academic support programs and review academic performance reports.

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