Academic Excellence Program (AEP)

The purpose of AEP is to offer academic and personal support for student-athletes. All programs and services are to enhance the experience of the student-athlete in the academic, athletic, and campus communities.

The student-athlete is assigned an Academic Counselor. The Academic Counselor will work in conjunction with the Academic Advisor to give the student-athlete the best possible advice for their academic career at Tulane. The Academic Counselor monitors progress, helps to understand NCAA,Conference USA, and Tulane University rules pertaining to academic progress.

The student-athlete's relationship with their Academic Counselor and Advisor is an essential and viable resource. They will assist the student-athlete in making adjustments, discuss progress in classes, potential majors and any other academic issues. Student-athletes will meet with their Academic Counselor/Advisor to prepare for enrollment, plan specific classes and update schedules.

A list of possible activities includes:

  • Individual study session
  • Group review sessions
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Meetings with academic counselor
  • Meetings with professors
  • Educational Assistant sessions
  • Athlete Essentials 101 programming (Life Skills and English Language Arts sessions for incoming freshmen)

The ASC semester hours are as follows:


Academic Excellence Program (AEP) Policies

  • No hats
  • No food
  • No cell phones

The ASC will enforce these policies to enable enhanced performance while in the AEP.

Grades First System

Grades First is a web-based management system available to student-athletes and academic services personnel. It allows student-athletes to view their schedules, request tutor appointments, check hours, use the calendar, and utilize swipe access to enter the center.

Each student-athlete will receive a login ID and password to their personal Grades First account. This account allows student-athletes to keep track of their appointments and class schedule with a personal calendar, request tutoring as well as keep track of their study hours.

Student-athletes are not to check their remaining time on the Front Desk Kiosk. Remaining or completed time is to be checked using the Grades First System.