The mission of the ASC is to guide, support, and inspire student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence. We provide quality academic/life skills education and support for all student-athletes at Tulane University.Additionally, ASC aims to promote student-athlete academic achievement, community responsibility, and personal accountability. In doing so, our department believes in preparing student-athletes for the vast array of opportunities that will be presented in the future. Finally, ASC works to ensure that all student-athletes maintain NCAA continuing eligibility with regard to overall GPA, earned hours, and percentage of degree requirements.
  • Developing sound academic attitudes and practices that will enable the student-athlete to be an autonomous, self-regulated learner, now and in the future; learning does not stop after graduation, and the ASC intends to guide our student-athletes onto a path of lifelong learning.
  • Compliance with NCAA requirements
  • Providing information and access to institutional support services
  • Mentoring through professional relationships that promote integrity, responsibility, and healthy lifestyle through dialogue and example

The purpose of ASC is to offer academic and personal support for student-athletes. All programs and services are to enhance the experience of the student-athlete in the academic, athletic and campus communities.

The James W. Wilson, Jr. Center:

The ASC is housed in the James W. Wilson Center Our office is located on the first floor, Room 110. The ASC is a cohesive educational facility where student-athletes work with tutors, educational assistants, their Academic Counselor, and also participate in the Academic Excellence Program (AEP). The James W. Wilson Center is home to all services for student-athletes, including quiet study, tutoring/life skills and a computer lab. The James W. Wilson Center is open Sunday (2-9:30pm), Monday through Thursday (8:30am-9:30pm), Friday (8:30am-4pm) and Saturday (Closed).

The ASC staff monitors activities in the James W. Wilson Center to ensure a clean, comfortable, and productive learning environment. The offices of the ASC are located in Robert "Bob" Charles Cudd, III Academic Advising Center. Robert "Bob' Charles Cudd, III established an athletic scholarship through the Ben Weiner Foundation in 1985 and this Academic Services Center bears his name in recognition of his concern for and support of academic development of Tulane's student-athletes. Cudd received his B.A. degree from Tulane in 1958 and his LLB from Tulane Law School in 1960.

While using services in the ACS, student-athletes are asked to check in and out at the front desk kiosk with their ID cards.

All cell phones should NOT be used during the time the students are checked in for the Academic Excellence Program (AEP). All cell phones should be put away while in the Academic Services Center 1st floor of the James W. Wilson Center. Also, no hats, food or drink (except water) are allowed in the ASC computer lab.

Computers are to be used for academic purposes ONLY.

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